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Previously Available Only From Hospitals, Clinics and Rehab Centers.

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 Neu-Becalm'd™ is 
 100% All Natural

 It is Amino Acids  
 and Vitamins in 
 a Special Formula! 

Concentration and 
 Mental Focus.  
 Helps you to Sleep  
 Better! And more!

 No Drugs
No Chemicals!

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A Synergistic Mix

The ingredients are precisely put together in these exact amounts to get a synergistic effect in the brain. In other words, all of the ingredients, used by themselves, would have a positive effect in certain specific areas of the brain. Used together, in these amounts, increases the positive effects in the brain by as much as 133 fold.

Numerous test have been tried with each ingredient separately and what was found was that it was not physically or economically feasible to take the ingredients individually. One test was done in Russia over 20 years ago. They felt like L-Phenylalanine could stop the Stress cycle but a person would have to take 2 kilograms (five pounds) of it every day, at the cost of $250 per kilogram.

Neu Becalm'd


Neu-Becalm'd™ - Patented, Doctor Recommended Balanced Nutrition for Neurochemical Support Available In Capsules and Chewable Tablets.

Neu-Becalm'd™ is a nutritional supplement that gives the brain-targeted nutrients to aid in the balancing of neurotransmitters. Problems such as mental and emotional focus, or substance abuse may be caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain.

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Neu-Becalmd Chewables™

Neu-Becalmd Chewables™ are a nutritional supplement that gives the brain targeted nutrients to aid in the replenishing and balancing of neurotransmitters.

If you or your child suffers with poor mental function, the effects of stress, or the lack of sleep . . . Becalm'dô provides nutritional support to address you or your child's needs.

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Neu-Relieve™ (previously called NeuRecover-BZ) is a special formula consisting of vitamins, minerals and amino acids designed to nutritionally support production of the neurotransmitters that are depleted by the long term use of tranquilizers.

Long term use of benzodiazepines results in the reduction of certain normal neurotransmitter availability, mainly those which are associated with the Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, GABA, receptor site.

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Neu Recover


Neu-Recover™ (Formerly Neu-Recover-DA) . . . nutritional support for replenishment of neurotransmitters depleted by the long term Use of alcohol.

The brain chemistry involved in many forms of dependence (overeating, alcohol abuse, etc.) has been carefully described by qualified researchers for almost 30 years.

Scientists have now concluded that the compulsive desire for excessive alcohol consumption in most instances has a genetic origin that is triggered by environmental factors.

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Neu-Replenish™ (formerly known as NeuRecover SA) is formulated for the neurochemistry that is depleted of dopamine, norepinephrine, GABA and serotonin through the use of chemical stimulants.

Dopamine is the "feel good" neurotransmitter; those with low dopamine and norepinephrine function may continually be searching for that "rush" of adrenalin that is achieved from chemical stimulants (e.g. cocaine) or even from compulsive behaviors (e.g. gambling). These people need the "joy of fear" and thrive on activities and drugs that produce this "high."

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NeuroSlimô is an amino acid, vitamin and mineral formulation designed to aid in correcting stress based deficiencies that cause a shortage of serotonin and the storage of fat. Neu-Slimô is recommended for use as a nutritional aid for weight loss, diet maintenance and overeating. (Not a treatment for clinical obesity)

Studies have shown that both the amount and type of food eaten (fats, sugars, proteins) are strongly influenced by several brain chemicals which known as neurotransmitters.

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Balanced Nutrition To Support
Neurotransmitter Replenishment

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Previously Available Only From Hospitals, Clinics and Rehab Centers.
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